Ambarsariya Movie

What is a movie without its cast? Not anything really! That’s why Ambarsariya Movie has a star studded cast 🙂

Ambarsariya Movie releases March25

Ambarsariya Movie

Ambarsariya movie has a stunning star cast consisting of

It is a colourful cast.

The songs of the movie have been amazing hits, since they have been sung by Diljit Dosanjh himself. Just before the movie released 5 Taara which instantly became sort of an Anthem.

Ambarsariya Movie songs,

Pagg Wala Munda and Ju Think were received very well even before the movie was released.

Pagg Wala Munda

Pagg Wala Munda:

Video | Lyrics | MP3 | Translation | Hello Tune | Behind the scenes

ambarsariya Ju Think

Ju Think:

Video | Lyrics | Hello Tune


Ambarsariya Movie dialogs,

have taken Punjabi movie lovers and Punjabi lovers all over the world on a joyride. They are full of fun, and tonnes of people ended up making their own rendition of scenes for the dialogs, tonnes!

Ambarsariya movie dialogues

ambarsariya Pagg Wala Munda MP3

Oye Bibi Bondal gayi in the movie is repeatedly said by both Monica Gill and Navneet Kaur Dhillon jadd Diljit ne movie ch dovan nu baala pareshaan kar rakheya c!
oye bibi bondal gayi oyye


Ambarsariya Movie fans

ambarsariya fan pose 2 kudiya with poster

loved the posters of the movie so much that they created their own versions, posted numerous selfies with the posters at movie theatres,

The love for Ambarsariya Movie was so much that it had a huge worldwide release, over and above the usual markets. Other than a very wide release of Ambarsariya Movie in India, it was released in Pakistan, Italy, UK, France (Paris), New Zealand, Austria (Vienna), Spain, Australia, USA, Canada.

It was a first for a Punjabi movie to release simultaneously in Pakistan as it did in India and worldwide.

Ambarsariya Movie is a record-breaking movie

ambarsariya fan pagg wala munda poster

  • It became the first Punjabi movie to have its poster loved by so many people.
  • It became the first Punjabi Movie to release in Pakistan on the same day as its India release.
  • It became the first Punjabi Movie to have the highest opening overseas in the Punjabi Movie Industry.
English Poems re-mixed in Punjabi by ambarsariya
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Ambarsariya, the movie stars Diljit Dosanjh as the lead. Lauren Gottlieb acts as his love interest in the movie, which also stars Monica Gill, Gurpreet Guggi and Rana Ranbir in substantial roles. We share exclusive details about the movie.

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