Jaanu and party on sets of ambarsariya

Of course when there’s a scene involving a school student, he won’t be alone. There needs to be other students around. That is why Jaanu was not alone, there was Jaanu and Party on the sets of movie ambarsariya.

Jaanu and party

Also where there are students, there has got be a little bit of leg-pulling involved too. Not bullying, because bullying does more harm than one could imagine. In this shot, a group of friends from the same school as Jaanu are teasing him about something standing close to a Baraf ka Gola vendor.

Jaanu and party teasing

They all are wearing the same dress, so its not like Jaanu has defaulted on that front or was punished.

Yes, Jaanu has hung his water bottle infront of himself, but that is a practical choice. When there’s a bag on your back, rather them holding the water bottle in your hand on your way to and from school, hanging it from neck on front makes practical sense. Like Jaanu and party should also keep theirs like this.

The reason Jaanu is being teased could be that he isn’t carrying as many as books as the rest Jaanu and party. His bag seems almost empty if not EMPTY. The student whose bag we can see, seems to have a full bag and a water bottle which can fit in his bag itself.

Jaanu might have a poorer background than other members of Jaanu and party.

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