Khido Khundi

Set for a Winter 2017 release, Khido Khundi, is a story about Hockey in Punjab. It is directed by Sartaj Singh Pannu of Nanak Shah Fakir fame.

Khido Khundi

a game played with stick and a ball

Khido Khundi movie on Hockey starring Ranjit Bawa

The movie stars Ranjit Bawa in lead role.

The movie is based in Sansarpur on outskirts of Jalandhar, and on 2 brothers from the pind. Sansarpur pind has given India as many as 14 Hockey Olympians.

Ranjit Bawa plays the lead role in the movie with a very lean look, and from the looks of it Manav Vij is playing the other brother.

Guggu Gill plays a very pivotal role in the movie. He plays the coach of the team, which makes it happen.

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