Pagg Wala Munda HelloTune

When you love a song so much that you want everyone of your callers to hear it out, you got to set it as your phone’s HelloTune. We found the right way to set Pagg Wala Munda HelloTune / CallerTune / DialerTone for your callers.
Depending on your mobile operator you can set Pagg Wala Munda HelloTune.

Pagg Wala Munda HelloTune for mobile callers

Ambarsariya Pagg Wala Munda HelloTune

Vodafone Pagg Wala Munda Caller Tune Users Dial 5377496115

Airtel Pagg Wala Munda HelloTune Users Dial 5432115349521

Idea Pagg Wala Munda Dialer Tones Users Dial 567897496115

HelloTunes, CallerTunes or Dialer Tones are essentially ‘features’ by mobile service providers in India. This ‘feature’ essentially allows owner of a mobile number to set a song or dialog to play when someone calls them.

It is a complete opposite of Ringtone. A ringtone is the sound, noise, song, dialog etc your phone makes while you are receiving a call. HelloTune is what you hear when you call a number. Weird, eh! But a really awesome way to get your message across to people who call you.

Obviously it could backfire, if you have a very informal or weird HelloTune and someone new calls you up for a formal kind of conversation. Things could get really awkward even before you speak 🙂 Choose Wisely!

Pagg Wala Munda

Official Song Beedio, Lyrics, and MP3

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