Secret of Vaisakhi List

Did you wonder why there is List in the movie title of Vaisakhi List?

We did. Ever since we saw the title, we have been wondering what could List possibly mean in the context.!

Posted by Vaisakhi List on Sunday, 3 April 2016

The Trailer of the movie, and Jimmy talking about the list on a radio show in the promotional video above, got us thinking and we put our Thinking Pagg on!

We know that Jarnail and Tarsem, Jimmy Sheirgill and Sunil Grover‘s characters in the movie, are getting released on evening of Vaisakhi 2016, and a certain dignitary is coming to do the honours!

List in Vaisakhi List movie, then, is the list containing the names of prisoners who are set to be released this Vaisakhi, of which Jarnail and Tarsem are two.

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