[Trailer] Super Singh

As promised after release of motion poster, Super Singh trailer is out now.

Super Singh Trailer

Super Singh, gets his power from unknown sources(yet) in Montreal, and starts acting as the local hero, saving & helping people, but they don’t know his real identity. Being a sikh, though, has improved love and respect for the community from the population.

When Super Singh realises thanks to a young Singh that he probably has some super powers, being super excited he tries some tests and also suggests,

He is suggested by a Supermart owning Aunty to get his stickers printed like those of Doraemon, Batmon; they even are printed on kids’ knickers.

They then move to Punjab, as love story between Fattu Dhinga and Dadd Maajri blossoms.

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Ambarsariya, the movie stars Diljit Dosanjh as the lead. Lauren Gottlieb acts as his love interest in the movie, which also stars Monica Gill, Gurpreet Guggi and Rana Ranbir in substantial roles.

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